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Mandie Cakes ™ is happiness in a jar

Mandie Cakes ™ , started while playing around in the kitchen. I made a cake so mouthwatering and moist, it fell apart. It made me think of my grandmother’s ugly cakes. They were too good to put in the trash, so we would grab any and everything to put the cakes in so that we could enjoy her ugly cakes. I thought, “why not package my cake in little jars?” At the end of the day, its not about how the cake looks, its about how it tastes.

Mandie Cakes ™ are made from scratch with quality ingredients. The star of our cake is the cake. That is why it’s layered with cake, icing, and more cake. We believe that icing should be an accessory to the cake and not the main show. All but one of our cakes (the Lemon Drop) is made with Liquor. That is why we say, “Have your Cake and Drink it too! Liquor, Cream, and Cake” Its about having all the things that bring you happiness, in a jar. You will be drunk off of happiness after that first bite. Other than that, the liquor is an added ingredient, just for taste, and not for the purpose of intoxication.

Mandie Cakes ™ is your grandma’s cake, your auntie’s cake with some southern comfort, finesse, and charm. Not a lot of bells and whistles; just happiness in a jar.

Amanda Swift - My Mandie Cakes ™ Founder

Amanda Swift

Mandie Cakes ™ Founder

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