Frequently Asked Questions
Is the alcohol cooked out of a Mandie Cake™?

Yes, the alcohol is cooked out of each cake, the alcohol is used for flavor.

How long does Mandie Cakes™ keep?

Mandie Cakes™ are good in the freezer for up to two months.
Once taken out of the freezer and unthawed, they are good for 5-7 days.
If you pop the lid to it do not put back in the freezer. Place it in the refrigerator and eat within two weeks.

Does Mandie Cakes™ offer cakes without alcohol?

Yes, the Lemon Drop Cake™ has no alcohol.

Does Mandie Cakes™ have Gluten Free Cake? 

Currently, Mandie Cakes™ does not offer a gluten-free cake, however we have taken it into consideration. You can stay connected with us on Facebook for any new developments with Mandie Cakes™ such as new cakes, flavors, and treats.

Are Mandie Cakes™ safe for children or only for adults? 

Yes, Mandie Cakes™ are safe for the children. The alcohol is only used for flavor and is cooked. Some cakes such as the Rum Cake and Chocolate Goodness Cake may have too strong of a flavor for children’s enjoyment.

Does Mandie Cakes™ offer any other flavors or cakes other then what is listed? 

The flavors we have listed are the flavor of cakes that we offer. We do make changes to our menu at times. Stay connected with us on Facebook to stay up to date with any cake or flavor changes. *All flavors are available for full cake order even if its no longer offered in a jar.

Do Mandie Cakes™ have vegan cake? 

Yes, we do offer vegan cake for local delivery only. We currently offer one vegan cake, Pineapple Coconut Cake. We will add more to the menu if the demand for it increases.

Do you have sugar free cake? 

Mandie Cakes™ are not sugar-free. Mandie Cakes™ is a southern treat and we don’t tend to hold back on the sugar or butter.

Can I order a full Mandie Cakes™?

Yes, you can order a full Mandie Cakes™ if you are local (within a 20 mile radius of Nashville, TN). We do not ship full cakes, but we do ship our cakes in a jar.

If I’m in Nashville, TN how do I find Mandie Cakes™? 

Mandie Cakes™ bakes in a local commercial kitchen, is a pop-up Shop and an online bakery. You can stay connected to where we are by following us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Can I personalize my Mandie Cakes™ Jar? 

Yes, we will personalize your jars for you. You can dress them or use the lid to put your company logo, your wedding monogram, etc…

Will Mandie Cakes™ Decorate my jars?

Yes, we will decorate your jars for your special event an or party for an additional fee. Please contact us by clicking on the Wedding and Events tab.

Can I package my Mandie Cakes™?

Yes, you can package your Mandie Cakes™ by Mix and Matching your Mandie Cakes. Click on the Shop tab.

How long does it take to ship my Mandie Cakes?
Shipping my very by location we do aim to deliver your Mandie Cakes with in 3-5 business days. If your order is placed on a Wednesday and we can not ensure delivery by Saturday your order will not go out until the following Monday.
How should I care for my jars once shipped?

It’s best that you refrigerate or freeze your jars once you receive them if you do not intend to eat them right away. Once you pop the seal on your Mandie Cake™ you can put the lid on to eat for another day. DO NOT RE FREEZE after the lid has been popped. Put in the refrigerator and eat within 14days.

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