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Mandie’s Custom Cakes are made from scratch cakes, custards, and icing.  Our cakes are made with a little bit of liquor for flavor.  It is a baked ingredient so its, “Just Enough For You To Taste It, But Not Enough To Get You Wasted.”  We specialize in using local TN ingredients in our cakes, its our way of supporting local farms and highlighting our city in our desserts.

Our cake sizes start at a 6×2 three layer round cake 

We do offer smaller ready to go cakes at Green Door Gourmet and you can also shop our cakes in the jar for delivery or pick up at Green Door Gourmet.

Our cakes start at $45.00 and go up based off of flavor, size, layers, tiers, supplies, and design time.  

The Flavors we offer: 

  • White Cake (made with Brandy)
  • Lemon Cake (made with fresh lemon)
  • 24Karrot Cake (made with Brandy)
  • Coconut Rum Cake (made with real Rum)
  • Vanilla Bean Cake (made with Vanilla Bean Whiskey)*
  • Sweet Potato Spice Cake (made with Ethiopian spices and Brandy)*
  • Strawberry Wedding Cake (made with Amaretto)*
  • Strawberry Short Cake (made with Rum)**
  • Red Velvet Cake (made with Brandy)**
  • Chocolate Cake (made with Irish Cream)**
  • Chocolate Cake (made with Ethiopian Coffee, and Smoked Maple Whiskey)**
  • Caramel Cake (made with Honey Whiskey)**
  • Chocolate Delight Brownie (made with Whiskey)**
  •  Rum Cake (made with real Rum)**
  • Chocolate Chip Cake (made with a cookie dough middle)*
  • Key Lime Cake (made with fresh lime)*
  • Tiramisu (made with rum)**


(*) starts at $55

(**) starts at $65

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