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LaShonda B.

Strawberry Short and sweet and chocolate goodness cake, delicious, I couldn’t choose which I liked the most because they were both soooo good. Like my tongue, lips, teeth, and saliva were having a celebration.

Colby W. 

The product is great! I have to hide my cakes from my family. But the customer service is honestly what has won me over. She is so attentive and prompt.

Timothy B. 

Mandie Cakes are amazing! I’ve bought dozens to share with friends and now my friends are buying whole cakes. If you haven’t tried a jar, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Cynthia B. 

Don’t ask Which is the favorite, trust me you won’t be able to choose.

Durk B.

A Smearing of heaven in a jar. Get these for your next event. Mandie Cakes for the win.

Dewane L. 

Mandies Cakes are Delicious!!! Great for an event or just for fun!!

Timeka D.

1. Short & Sweet Strawberry Cake
I love strawberries and thought this would be my favorite, but nope. It was good!!!!!!!!!

2. Rum Cake
My second favorite. Couldn’t believe how the favors came together for the best Rum party in my mouth!!!

3. Chocolate Goodness Cake…and the winner!!!!
My favorite!!! Oh mercy mercy me….LOL!!!!! Chocolate goodness in a jar. Wow!!! Chocolate is my first love! Definitely getting my chocolate jar fix soon.

Marsha J. 

Thank you so much for delivering the Mandie Cakes to my office. The Red Velvet and Rum Cakes are absolutely delicious!!! Great service, great product, great price!! Looking forward to the Lemon one!!

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